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I remember hearts that beat, yeah. I remember you and me, tangled in hotel sheets. You wore me out. I remember honey lips and words so true. I remember nonstop earthquake dreams of you coming on fast like good dreams do all night long.

#tbt fave picture of myself ever. I felt so cute that day. And look at my fucking hair. Gawd. It was perfect! (Last summer)

My new babies! :-)

My new earrings are so so so so cute. c:


Bad day :(

i do not understand my thoughts.

everything i say or think doesn’t make sense.

oh haaaaaaay

I used to be cute. idk what happened.

°_° (Taken with Instagram)


You do anything for a dime, looking for the golden lie. (Taken with Instagram)

Got cute for nuthin’, I got no where to go. Que tristesa :( (Taken with Instagram)

#OOTD :) (Taken with Instagram)

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