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I crave touch, yet I flinch every time someone is close enough.

I have become rather fearful I suppose. 

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The past haunts me,
Things that have happened so many years ago still hurt me,
It’s like I have these open wounds that refuse to heal,
I refuse to heal, I hold on to these painful memories and I don’t know why.


it looks like you’re smiling but you’re wearing a frown.



Bad day :(

i dont miss you. i miss the late night talks. the cuddles. the i love you more fights. i miss the memories we made together.

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my hair was cute tho.

oh haaaaaaay

I used to be cute. idk what happened.

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You do anything for a dime, looking for the golden lie. (Taken with Instagram)

Got cute for nuthin’, I got no where to go. Que tristesa :( (Taken with Instagram)